Best Video Gaming Companies Of 2020

Video games can be called as a game which is often played by using any computing device, it is usually an electronic game on personal phones, gaming console or personal computer. In today’s world, there are numerous sources on which one can play video games. The contemporary times, with advanced technology and speed games are accessible on every gadget like smartphones, and tablets. The conception of social networks have also introduced many video games which are sponsored by many video games companies. There are social games and mobile games which are new categories in today’s time. Such games can be traced back to the times in 1970s but now they have emerged significantly as they offer photorealistic graphics, VR graphics and effects and also helps in simulating reality. Video gaming companies have astonishingly produced a wide range of superb games which have become nearest to reality in its graphic content is concerned.


There are many benefits that best leading video gaming companies promote. Like it helps in connecting people, it brings people together, helps the brain in quick decision makings, and charges the brain power by boosting mood. It improves concentrations, problem solving, improves dexterity and capabilities are enhanced.


Video games are considered to be the billion dollar thing from many years as there is a robust of technology in recent years. The revenue for 2020 worldwide show that these gaming  on PC market earned 37 billion US dollars and the gaming market on mobile nearly gained 77 billion U.s Dollars.  The youngsters nowadays as first generation of gamers has grown up. Hobbies like gaming have become important in child’s like and is now popular among kids. There is a high average of time spent on playing such games as video games have become popular. Thanks to the video gaming companies and their marketing, graphic strategies. It has gained popularity amongst parents across the world likewise as it has among their children. The video gaming industry includes Apple, Sony ad Tencent which are today making billions of dollars every year as they are some of the most successful companies which are making dollars in gaming revenue. The famous Sony’s PlayStation 4 which is a famous console of today generation and 112 million units have been sold in the year of 2020. There is a boom in this gaming industry. The gaming market in 2017, was worth of $78 billion and by 2020 it hit by $90 billion. This boom was due to the famous video gaming industry which created eighty seven percent revenue in its software by the year of 2016, people have brought and played over 2.5 billion video games. There is a renaissance of video games and video gaming industry which made revenues for private people, game publishers and also the development studios. Their success can be measured by the amount of money these companies make.

These are some of the top Game Development Companies that are trending worldwide.

Prominent gaming companies

Nintendo, Rockstar Games, EA, Epic Games, Mojang, Sony Computer Entertainment and Activision Blizzard

Activision Blizzard Inc.

It is a distributor, publisher and also a developer of game software and is extremely famous for its gaming software’s and its products. This company offered games of different categories like role playing, racing, strategy, action, and adventure. Also simulation games are also available. The company acitivision blizzard’s revenue tripled as net income also was increased three times. It reported that around 52.4 percent YOY increased. Engagement in key franchises made these results successful as well as the company has works like live operations and content launches.

Avid Technology Inc

Avid Technology is also called as the developer of software as well as it produces systems for example digital audio systems, newsroom computer systems and digital editing services. By the year of 2020, this company has reported to soar their net income with a 56.1% year-over-year.

Nintendo Co. Ltd

This company is known to be a Japan-based. It is a multinational company which has consumers of electronic and video games. They manufacture and develop game machines, playing cards, software’s and console game machines. There are Nintendo DS, 3DS, Wii game consoles famous around the world.

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