How to Improve on Pubg Gameplay

How to Improve on Pubg Gameplay

The main problem I have with pubg gameplay is that it tends to get stale quickly. There are a lot of “tried and true” pub games out there, but the reality is that they are not particularly fun. You don’t need to have an exceptional amount of skill to be successful in pubs, but there are a few things that you should be keeping an eye out for if you want to succeed.

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One of the most common mistakes players make is playing their heroes too much. Some of these heroes are good at the early game, but if you play them too much at the start you can make yourself sick of playing them. Your opponent will know what you are doing as you won’t be able to play any different, and this can ruin the experience for you.


Another thing I’ve seen a lot of in pub games is playing too greedy. If you’re playing any hero that can get you ahead at any point, then you’re going to want to make sure that you stay aggressive on the map. This may mean that you sacrifice a little bit in the early game to get a little bit more farm or to try and keep up with your opponents. If you aren’t willing to play greedy, you’ll be surprised by how effective your opponents will be at pushing your back.


An important thing you should be looking out for in pubs is when your opponents play really good counter-gangs. Sometimes when you are in pubs the enemy gets away with it, but if you are able to counter their move then you can ruin their whole plan. Some of these are just simple mistakes, and if you can learn from them they can help you win a lot of matches.


A third thing I’d like to discuss is how important it is to understand the power of the team fight. In pubs, a lot of people think that if they get a kill then they are doing their job right. It’s much more important that you understand the strengths and weaknesses of your team and what your opponents are going to do to take them down so that you can focus on taking them down yourself instead of wasting valuable time trying to take one down.


Overall, I’m pretty happy with pure gameplay. It’s a good way to get some free practice with new heroes and the experience is actually quite good, so I don’t mind. a lot. There are a few common mistakes that players tend to make though, so here are a few tips to avoid them:


Don’t play your heroes too much at the beginning of the game. The problem I have with pub play is that you might play the same heroes all day and your opponents will know what you’re doing and therefore they will just crush you. If you want to succeed in pubs then you need to have something to change up every once in a while so that you’re not playing the same old stuff over again.


Play smart. A smart pub player will be able to counter whatever you are trying to do, while a dumb player will be able to win because they are better than you. If you are having trouble winning then it’s probably because you’re not learning enough from your opponents. Practice will solve this and the more you practice the more skilled you will become.


Don’t feed. In pubs, if you don’t get kills then you might be afraid to trade or go for an expensive item, but if you don’t feed then you won’t be able to win very easily. Don’t just play this way because you don’t want to lose, feed your team and let them know why then they will eventually take your side.


Finally, don’t be afraid to use bans. A lot of pubs will be played with bans, but in the end, they still end up with one person being the main carry, so sometimes it makes sense to ban and then go for a support hero if your team is having trouble winning.


If you want to learn to play pubg properly then I suggest that you learn a few of these basics. and apply them consistently and you’ll find yourself a nice level of success in pubs.

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