In this article first it is given a brief introduction of who a game designer actually is. So talking about that a game designer is the one who conceptualizes the plotting and storyline of the games, various levels, what kind of environment, interaction of characters and all of this is designed by the games designer. For this designing they have to communicate first with the other game specialists like that of developers and artists to share their ideas and then finally prod using the game though those ideas. Explicit game elements are designed by the game designers as far the concern of the situation of it.

A specific kind of plot is designed either working on one’s own like though self-funding or working with other companies for their business. If working alone, on can give the titles of his own choice u first conceiving then creating, programming and finally publishing the game.

Game designing is basically an art that allows one to apply their own aesthetics and use their specific designs having multiple purpose in their minds and not just restricting themselves to only sharing the entertainment element through the designing of the video games. It can have other purposes like exercise, educational or even experimental concerns.

If we academically see it, game designing is a crucial part of game studies. Where in game theory the strategic making of the designing is learnt. Game designing is also applied to artificial intelligence, certain fields of probability, and economics which is a core topic these days in Meta-design.  In a video game, images are controlled by the players which are conceived, planned and directed during the creation of an electronic game.

A logical background story is the necessity of the designing of a video game. Human psychology and the workable knowledge of game theory is combined together. The main elements of a game designing during the degree of game design include are a strong plotting and storyline. The characters designed in it, mapping, challenges, levels, scenarios, methods and complexities of losing or winning a game and then creation of the user interface.

After the completion of the game design degree, usually these video game designers tend to work for the gaming companies and designing for them. Certain most well-known game designing includes of Microsoft, Blizzard, Sony, Nintendo and Electronic Arts. A studio like setting in the office is provided to them for programming and designing of the games. Video game designers are also known as Lead Game Designers, Video Game Environment Designer, Video Game Systems Designer, Leas Game Designer, Video Game Level Designer and Video Game Mechanics Designer.

The bachelor’s degree of game designing is of various types, including of BA (Hons.) Animation & Games, Bachelor in Games Programming, BSc in Creative Media and Game Technologies, Bachelor of Culture and Arts, Game Design, Bachelor of Science in Game Development and BA (Hons.) Games Art and Design. The courses of game design degree provide a diverse range of concepts that have a cultural as well as social impact on the electronic gaming and their designing. Games are evaluated through social, anthropological and psychological effects of the game designing. Computer platform technologies, software development, network and telecommunication management and object-oriented analysis and design are the classes which are necessary for the students of the game designing degree to take. These courses completion and the total time period of the degree can be of three to four years. During this game designing degree students are made to follow the Mechanics, Designing and Aesthetics framework which is called an MDA Framework. This framework governs those restraints that will help in guiding the behavior of a player.  This is generally known as the Mechanics of the game in the language of gaming. It is decided after it that how the players will interact with the game which is called the dynamics of the gaming. Lastly it is made sure and essential for the game designer to give a detailed presentation on explaining that how the users/players will feel while playing the game. This is the aesthetics of the game as it is the anticipated emotional response to the game. The development team uses a game engine to in order to build a prototype only when the game is designed as that is the most crucial step. A complex storyline, millions of the codes of line are developed for each and every feature of the game.

So now you have come to know that what actually game designing is and how it is different from any other aspect involved in the making of a video game. And what kind of a degree is necessary is needed to be a game designer.










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